Rolling Stoner Radio is a dial-up friendly Internet Radio station, headquartered in British Columbia, Canada, on the Shoutcast network, in its third year of serving an intimate group of listeners who like to:

Get high on life or their favorite herb
Listen to commercial-free music while they are kicking back
Request the songs that they’d like to hear
Share an interactive experience with the DJ and other listeners in a chat room

To listen to Rolling Stoner Radio with your media player, we recommend Winamp (or you may use Windows Media Player or Real Player), and to chat with us, we recommend Yahoo Messenger. You can get these programs at the following locations:

Winamp music player. Click here to download.
(We also support iTunes, Windows Media Player and Real Media Player, or you can listen to our station from the Stereo or Mono pages without a media player)
Yahoo Messenger Click here to download