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If you have a smoking video and you would like us to post it on this page, send the link to your video and the name of your youtube account or link to your other videos to us here. When you have an updated smoking video, send us an email with the new link and with the word UPDATE in the subject.
NOTE: Do NOT send videos, just links. Priority given to submissions from listeners of Rolling Stoner Radio. Do not use our online request form to send your video link, as it is likely to get closed before the webmaster sees it.

Note to Law Enforcement agencies: All people depicted in the videos are smoking oregano in bongs that have never been used for anything other than smoking oregano.
Note to attorneys: Neither Rolling Stoner Radio, its staff nor listeners advocate the smoking of oregano or other spices.
Another note to attorneys: Neither Rolling Stoner Radio, nor its staff are soliciting people to make smoking videos, but if you have one you want to share with our listeners, here’s an opportunity.
Note to Stoners: We didn’t mean to kill your buzz by talking about LE.
Note to families with small women or pregnant children: We didn’t mean to scare you by talking about Lawyers. The Boogieman in your closet will protect you from Lawyers.