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Marijuana Man (Yahoo ID: bc_marijuanaman) is the extraordinary star of the popular imarijuanaman bong hit videos and the acclaimed inewsman news videos on youtube. He is an Aspie, so don’t expect him to behave normally (or take requests). He is very charismatic, and is loved or hated by thousands. He has a huge collection of stoner music and very rare and unusual tracks — but enough about his arms. He makes his home in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Catch him on web cam in our Yahoo Chat room (instant message him for an invite), where you can see him smokin’ da ganja with his pet crow, Crow, on his shoulder. To date, he is the only Rolling Stoner Radio DJ to play an Engelbert Humperdink set.

The Jackal (Yahoo ID: exsisto_semper) was born about 16 years too late, though if he had been born in 1952 he probably would have been sent to Vietnam, so it’s all good. His show includes news, opinions, guest interviews, live listener phone calls, listener requests, and the occasional bong rip. His music library is vastly eclectic. He wears a size 12 ½ shoe, and prefers Nike for basketball. Send all interview suggestions (if you know someone you would like to see interviewed), questions or comments regarding his show to his email.
Hazed and Amused (Yahoo ID: hazedandamused) resides in New York City. Despite being the youngest DJ on the station, he plays some of the oldest songs, namely Classic Rock and Classical Music. He is a huge fan of Classic Rock, the Eighties, Jazz, Funk, the Blues and Classical Music. He takes requests… and plays them too (if he has them).

Blunts McGee (Yahoo ID: bluntsmcgee07) Bluntsmcgee is your normal teenager / young adult, fat ‘n’ happy, haha. Well, not really normal but w/e. He loves to snowboard and shoot people with his airsoft rifle. His shows usually include just playin’ some good tunes and takin’ requests and hittin’ the bong or joint or whatever is available. His music library is very eclectic: Rock, Metal, Techno, Classic Rock, Reggae, Smokin’ Songs. You name it, he has it or can have it within 10 minutes, thanks to his $100 iTunes card.

MagickMuffin (Yahoo ID: magickmuffin) was born and raised in New York and currently resides in and broadcasts her show from Parasite Valley, Arizona. Having been a musician on tour and a DJ on FM radio under another name, she has lived her life for music. A musician since age three, her primary insturments are piano and guitar, but she loves to play the drum kit as well. “Playing drums makes me feel like GOD!” TUNE IN TO MAGICKMUFFIN MONDAYS (8-10AM Pacific Time, 11AM-1PM ET, 4-6PM UK Time) to hear the following: Zepp, Tool, Sabbath, Deftones, Van Halen, Chilies, Soundgarden, Cult, STP, Metallica a.k.a.”Meat-Licker”, Radiohead, Mr.Bungle, Floyd, Nirvana, White Stripes, Animals, King Black Acid, Gloritone, Janes, Lady Sov, Ozzy, Cake, Alice In Chains, Cursive, AC/DC, Portishead, Death From Above, Coletrane, Genesis, I.N.C., Mars Volta, Kiss, Rush, Scorpions, Deep Purple, Stones, names names names, no commercials and no requests; well, mostly…..

Smulaksi, (Yahoo ID: smulaksi) aka Samuli, is from Salo, Finland, home of Nokia, the cell phone manufacturer. He is 18 years old. He likes to chill at home and study conspiracies. He is planning on becoming a Buddhist some day and will attain enlightment. He plays a lot of Finnish Reggae and Rap, in addition to more familiar music. He likes all kinds of music and is also very interested in Japanese and other Asian cultures. Smulaksi hates money, because it makes people crazy and greedy.

FidoNet (Yahoo ID: fidonet.2040) is our Cool Web Graphics Designer and OUR NEWEST DJ. He is 22, a native of Mexico living in Atlanta, Georgia. Fidonet is currenty attending Technical College and working as a Home Theater and Satellite TV Installer. His music library consists of lots of Pink Floyd and Rock in gereral, Rap, Reggae, Classical and Electronic, and he is happy to play your requests. His hobbies are Photography, Image Editing, Graphic Design and Web Development, Mixing and Remixing Music. Fidonet hopes some day get a job as a Web Developer/ Website Designer, earning more money, sweating a lot less, and making enough to sustain his family and his parents, as well.

Nobody really knows what Roland Doobies (Yahoo ID: roland_doobies) does around here, but we think he’s the guy who oils the wheels that the hamsters run around in to keep the broadcast servers going. It is rumoured that he has passed the Stereo audition and may be a guest DJ sometime. Click on his name to send him an email, so you can get a canned response from an intern.